collaboration with chef Kane : July

So happy to have my pieces at Parkside cafe Stinson Beach

From Bois to Holz....

I am so delight to make a co-exhibition with Lutz Hornisher at the @hugomento gallery

".. our show little speaks to how these two artists choose to use some forms of recycled wood in creating their work and how sawdust rises in both of their processes. Sawdust rising when Carole smokes her pottery in a sagger fire. Sawdust rising when Lutz carves and sands his reclaimed wood art piece. 

Together they demonstrate sustainability and re-use of materials is not just a necessity but a beautiful and inspiring part of our present and future existence..."



July 18th 2016: I had the privilege to participate in a Workshop by Felipe Ortega: The Art and Practice of Jicarilla Apache Micaceous Pottery Manufacturing

This is what Felipe wrote: "Our clay is our Mother and thus we urge you to look into your heart and ask Our Mother the Earth to guide you through the process of clay making. Understand that when we dig the clay we ask her permission to dig from her belly for the clay so that we may co-create her children for her. This is an awesome responsibility you have undertaken for we consider it the same as birthing children. And since this is the case you should also make sure that you are not super-serious nor super-relaxed."